Healthy Food

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When it comes to eating healthy food in the current society context, it is often filled with different opinions about what is considered healthy in terms of the food that we take in. The advancement in science and technology has

Easy Gluten Free Pizza With Italian Sausage

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This gluten free pizza recipe is easier because it uses Trader Joe’s Rice Flour Tortillas for the crust. Before Trader Joe’s offered Rice Flour Tortillas I used to make it with their corn tortillas, but the rice is much closer to

Secret To Healthy Eating For Better Health

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Eating is an important part of Singapore’s culture. There are more to eating than just feeding our bodies. Yes, healthy eating brings you better health. But eating also feeds our emotional and social hungers. Many people use eating to enhance

Bilberry Juice – Sharp Vision Healthy Food

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Bilberry is considered a super fruit, a healthy food for both adults and kids due its multitude of health benefits. Compared to the blueberry, bilberry is smaller, darker in color and has a fuller taste. Although bilberry is still not

4 Easy Steps To Make The Transition To Healthy Food

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Alright, you’ve made up your mind to start making healthy food choices from now on for better health and fitness. But the problem is it may not be so easy to make the transition to healthy food in Singapore, a

Chocolate Cut Out Cookies

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Last week I tested 3 different recipes for gluten free chocolate cookies that you cut out with cookie cutters.  I temporarily eliminated one of the recipes as soon as I tasted the batter- it just wasn’t worth the calories! That

Beef Mushroom Soup

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This Beef Mushroom Soup is great the day that you make it but it will be even better the next day. I used a more expensive cut of beef and it made all of the difference in the flavor.  I

Gluten Free Apple Oatmeal Muffins

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Last weekend was the first time that I had converted my old Apple Oatmeal Muffin recipe to gluten free.  I’m happy to say it only took one try! These muffins start with homemade applesauce that still has some small chunks

New Giveaway! Organic Meyer Lemons

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I am excited to announce a new giveaway on my blog! This giveaway is for a 7 pound box of Organic Meyer Lemons, which is valued at over $50 including shipping. Richard and Susan Burchiel have a small family owned

Drawing For A $50 Gift Certificate From Andreas Jewelry!

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I have a couple hundred pieces of jewelry to choose from in the $50 and under price range!  You can choose something for yourself, or maybe pick out the perfect holiday gift for someone special! My jewelry features semi-precious stones combined