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 I am excited to announce a new giveaway on my blog! This giveaway is for a 7 pound box of Organic Meyer Lemons, which is valued at over $50 including shipping.

Richard and Susan Burchiel have a small family owned farm called Birch-Hill Organics in Atascadero California, which is on the Central Coast midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The photos below show Richard and Susan, and Winston who is their chief lemon retriever!  Truly a small family farm!

The Burchiels started their farm in 1998 and have been committed to organic and sustainable farming practices since the beginning.

Birch-Hill organics has 5 acres of Meyer Lemons under cultivation and they also raise and sell kiwis.  In addition, the Burchiels grow a miniature Meyer Lemon.  The wedges from these miniature lemons are perfect for garnish for cocktails or desserts.  The price per pound is the same as the regular size Meyer Lemons. 

I have been researching Meyer Lemons and Meyer Lemon recipes all night tonight and from what I have seen, the prices for Birch-Hill Meyer Lemons are among the best on the Internet.  

Birch-Hill is  is USDA certified organic by CCOF and is even certified to be able to ship their fruit internationally but several states in the US do not allow them to ship their fruit into their states: Arizona, Florida and Hawaii.

Meyer Lemons are a highly fragrant cross between a regular lemon and a Mandarin or sweet orange.  Meyer Lemons are native to China and were introduced into the United States in 1908 by Frank Nicolas Meyer, who was an employee of the US Department Of Agriculture.  Mr Meyer collected a sample of the plant on a trip to China.  Thank you Mr Meyer!

Meyer Lemons are a joy to cook and bake with because they are less acidic than regular lemons, so you don’t have to use as much sugar to adjust the sweetness.

I posted a recipe for Meyer Lemon Cookies a couple of days ago and I will be posting more Meyer Lemon recipes within the next few days.

I also had posted a recipe for Meyer Lemon Pancakes that are really good.  The recipe is gluten free, but it can be converted to “regular” flour if you don’t have an issue with gluten.

I wanted to give you lots of inspiration to cook with Meyer Lemons, so I spent a lot of time researching recipes on the Internet.  Many of these recipes are made with Meyer Lemons and others were made with regular lemons, but would be great with Meyers instead.

I haven’t tried any of these recipes, so I can’t guarantee that every one is great- they just all sounded wonderful!

The Sunkist website had a lot of fun-sounding recipes- some would be good as-is, and others could use a little “tweaking”.

Meyer Lemon Recipes From Around The Internet



Lemon Cream Cheese With Smoked Salmon And Mint   from Sunkist

Crostini With White Beans And Basil    from Herbivoracious

Vegetarian Ceviche  from  Herbivoracious

Lemon Pizza With Smoked Salmon Appetizer    from Sunkist


Meyer Lemon Marmalade   from Simply Recipes

Meyer Lemon And Dried Blueberry Scones  from

Meyer Lemon Scones     from  Bake At 350

Lemon Raspberry Pancakes    from Inn Cuisine


Goat Cheese Souffles from David Lebovitz

Meyer Lemon Sorbet  from Simply Recipes

Meyer Lemon Curd  from No Recipes

Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie  from The Kitchn

Iced Meyer Lemon Cupcakes    from Alpineberry

Meyer Lemon Bars    from White On Rice Couple

The Best Damn Meyer Lemon Cake    from Saveur Magazine

Meyer Lemon Meltaway Cookies- Gluten Free!     from Moxie Rx via Vendr TV

Lemon Upside Down Cake   from The LA Times


Lemon Tarragon Pasta  from Big Caprese Salads

Chicken With Roasted Lemons, Green Olives And Capers from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Spicy Lemon Garlic Shrimp from The Dragon’s Kitchen

Meyer Lemon Gnocchi   from Food And Wine

Sea Bass With Caper Berries, Green Olives And Meyer Lemon   from Food And Wine

Crispy Meyer Lemon Chicken  from Sunkist

Grilled Halibut With Lemon Almond Pesto  from Sunkist

Halibut Cutlet In Lemon Dill Sauce  from Sunkist

Herbed Lamb Kabobs  from Sunkist

Scandinavian Baked Halibut  from Sunkist

Crab And Artichoke Bake  from Sunkist

Pan Roasted Chicken With Lemon from Sunkist

Chicken Breasts With Meyer Lemon Shallot Sauce from Melissa’s Produce

Noodles With Mushrooms And Lemon Ginger Dressing from Simply Recipes


Meyer Lemon Relish  from Laura’s Best Recipes

Meyer Lemon Limoncello   from Sunkist

Tarragon Tartar Sauce  from Sunkist


Lemon And Pistachio Rice from Sunkist


Meyer Lemon Grain Salad With Asparagus, Almonds And Goat Cheese (not GF)

From The Kitchn

Grilled Orange, Rice Noodle And Crab Salad With Lemongrass- Citrus and Chili Vinaigrette  from Sunkist

Lemon Vinaigrette  from Sunkist

Mediterranean Green Beans from Sunkist


Classic Greek Egg And Lemon Soup from Sunkist

Yucatan Lemon Soup  from Eating Well Magazine via Delish

I know, I went a little crazy finding the lemon recipes- it’s my Virgo personality coming out!

Here’s the details on the Organic Meyer Lemon giveaway:

The giveaway starts January 18, 2011 and goes through January 31st.

This drawing is open to anyone who is a subscriber of this blog except people in the states of Arizona, Florida and Hawaii (because of the shipping restrictions- sorry!)

To enter, simply subscribe to Andreas Kitchen and then leave a comment at the bottom of this post saying that you are a subscriber and would like to enter the drawing.  

Subscribe here.

I will choose a random winner on  February 1st 2011.

The winner will be announced on this blog and Twitter immediately after being chosen.

 If you have a link to a lemon recipe that you would like to share with us, please leave that in your comment too.

What would you make with 7 pounds of Meyer Lemons?

Good luck!

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